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Legal guidance from a Fort Collins accident lawyer can be invaluable for your personal injury claim. If you are injured, our experienced staff and personal injury attorneys know what to do. We know how to guide you and your loved ones toward the financial compensation you deserve. We believe victims of serious Northern Colorado car accidents deserve prompt answers, experienced legal help and personalized attention. The right lawyer can make all of the difference. We encourage you to do your research. Please add us to the list of attorneys that you interview. We want responsible, well-informed clients that need our help to get the compensation that they deserve.

Pathfinders for Injured People

After an auto accident or serious medical mistake, you need skilled legal assistance to regain control of your life. Together, Steve and Ryan of Ray & Heatherman Law, PLLC are your law pathfinders, committed to guiding you to complete and timely compensation for your injuries and losses. For help with your personal injury claim, you can trust the Fort Collins, Colorado law firm of Ray & Heatherman Law PLLC.

Proven. Marine Corps. Litigators.

Find out more about Fort Collins auto accident attorneys Steve Ray and Ryan Heatherman.  Both Steve and Ryan started their legal careers as United States Marine Corps Officers. With over 35 years of experience, Steve and Ryan have the experience you need and the passion you deserve. Please call us today so that we can get you started on your path to recovery.

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